Cymer Chemicals is a domestic manufacturer of the highest purity specialty chemicals, polyamide-imide resins, and chemical additives available.


We provide custom contract R&D and contract manufacturing services. We are on a mission to deliver innovative, high purity solutions.


Our company can review any chemical raw materials you may want to produce in the USA and has been at the forefront of the chemical industry since 1997. 

Our Solutions


It’s likely that you’re using a product that contains materials produced by Cymer. Our innovative chemical solutions are essential for enhancing the quality and performance of many common products. Our team is diverse and collaborative. We work together across different departments and borders to provide exceptional services. Here at Cymer Chemicals, we maintain high standards and prioritize the quality and purity of our products with strict adherence to quality control and assurance systems.


Industries Served

Chances are you use a product that contains materials produced by Cymer. Our products serve as raw materials that improve the quality and performance of many products people use in their daily lives.

Cymer specialty additives are used extensively by the Adhesives industry.
Cymer monomers are key building blocks for polyimide resins for carbon fiber composites which are extensively used by the aerospace industry.
Cymer ConSeal battery sealants reduce electrolyte leakage in dry cell batteries.
Cymer Polyamide-imide (PAI) resins are thermoset ultra-polymers that are robust, chemical resistant, and thermally stable.
Cymer fatty acid chlorides are used as starting materials by the North American detergents’ industry.
A number of Cymer monomers and corrosion inhibitors are used by the paints and coatings industry.
Cymer can perform multistep synthesis of complex, high purity API precursors which in turn are used for further pharmaceutical synthesis.
Cymer is a global supplier of accelerators, crosslinkers and antioxidants to the rubber & tire industry.




Water Treatment

Epoxy Hardeners

Ammonium Compounds

Polyamide-imide resins

Sealants Polyamide-based

Our Company


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Decades of Expertise

At Cymer Chemicals, we understand that quality and purity are crucial components in the efficacy and success of any product. Our materials are produced under strict quality control and quality assurance systems. We are proud to manufacture our products to meet high purity specifications ranging from 98% to 99.999+%. We are certified to ISO 9001:2015, DQS allowing us to meet or exceed chemical regulatory grades for ACS, USP-NF, and the FCC. 


Working with Cymer Chemicals

An experienced and dedicated leadership team guides the Cymer family. Their vast and diverse backgrounds include work for NASA Contractors, participation in defense programs, and complex multistep chemical synthetic research as well as production.

Associations and Affliations


Cymer is a synthetic, organic chemical manufacturer with the technological expertise, equipment, and capacity to meet the most demanding requirements. We’ve been manufacturing chemical intermediates at our plants in Dayton, TN, and Decatur, TN, for more than 20 years, and we ship globally.

Our development group can review any chemical raw materials you may want to produce in the USA and give you a quick feasibility analysis, preliminary cost estimate, and timeframe to scale-up.