Cymer Chemicals Scale and Pilot Programs

Cymer Chemicals offers a chemical scale and pilot program for testing and evaluating a chemical process. We start at a small scale before implementing it on a larger scale. We ensure that the process is efficient, safe, and cost-effective before investing in large-scale production.

Our experience gives us insight into the operability, sustainability and affordability of chemical manufacturing while our chemists creatively apply proven skills to scale and pilot programs. As for chemical reactors, as the core of a process, there is no “golden” rule and no straightforward procedure to achieve new product or process objectives.

Our experts test the technologies that will be used on an industrial scale, which may deviate from those employed in the laboratory.  It will point out phenomena not present on the laboratory scale. Scale-up and pilot programs detect and balance the process for different apparatuses, phases, impurities, aging of catalysts, corrosion, fouling, safety, and environmental aspects.

Our company is uniquely positioned with pilot scale equipment from 50 to 100 gallons and larger commercial scale equipment from 1000 to 3000 gallons. Cymer can make drum quantities for customer trials as well as millions of pounds for commercial production. 

With a strong focus on safety, quality, and project success, we exemplify the concept of successful “Scale-up.”

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Cymer Chemicals Scale and Pilot Programs

A pilot program involves setting up a small-scale version of the manufacturing process. We will test its feasibility and optimize the process parameters. This allows manufacturers to identify potential issues and make necessary adjustments before scaling to full production.

A chemical scale-up involves increasing the production volume of a chemical process from the pilot scale to the commercial scale. This requires careful consideration of safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness factors.

A chemical scale and pilot program are essential in manufacturing chemicals as they help ensure that the final product is safe, efficient, and cost-effective.

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At Cymer Chemicals, we are capable of programs that range from a small laboratory scale to a large industrial scale. The scale of operation is an important factor as it can influence the efficiency, cost, and safety of the process.

Scaling services are essential for the chemical manufacturing industry as they provide accurate and reliable data that ensures safety, quality, and project success.

A pilot plant in a chemical manufacturing plan aims to reduce risks and uncertainties.  Cymer Chemicals is here for the critical processes to pilot your chemicals from laboratory to mass commercialization.

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