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Cycure-8020 - TDS

Cycure-8020 - SDS

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White powder

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2,4’ Toluene bis DimethylUrea (Technical Grade)

Cycure-8020 Product Properties

Approx. 80%


White, powder
Ammonium Benzoate Uses and applications

Cycure-8020 2,4’ Toluene bis DimethylUrea (Technical Grade) Dicyandiamide hardeners offer excellent mechanical and electrical properties, good processing, and a long
shelf life of finished epoxy resin formulations. However, the necessary curing temperatures of ~ 200°C are too high for most applications. Cycure 8020 is a latent accelerator which reduces the necessary curing
temperature significantly (above 130°C, short cure cycles are achieved) and does not sacrifice the shelf life
of the compound. Cycure 8020 is the most reactive UR accelerator. Applications extend from laminates for
electrical circuit boards to powder coatings, from structural adhesives to high- tech carbon fibre composites.

25 Gal Lock Ring Fiber Drum, 25 Kg. Net
Keep container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place. Moisture sensitive. Shelf-life: 2 year
Reference: Cymer SDS CyCure 8020