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GP-214 - TDS

GP-214 - SDS

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Moisture (KF)


Ash Content

Fineness, 100 mesh

Solubility in acidic solution Clear, no foreign matte


Fine, white powder

1.5% max.

97.0% min.

0.05% max

< 100 mesh

Clear, no foreign matter

Certifications & Registrations

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Reach certification status

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4,4’-Methylene-bis-(cyclohexylamine) Product Properties

254.37 g/mol
°C (°F)
Solid (power)
Amine like

Rubber Vulcanizing agent – fluoroelastomers

rubber vulcanization Cycure-1-Dibenzoyl-Quinone-Dioxime
GP-214 can be used for the vulcanization of elastomers that are reacting with amines. An alicyclic amine salt used as a curing agent mainly for fluorelastomers (FKM). For its safety in processing, it can be positioned between GP-210 and GP-213. Typical loading level of 2 phr (parts per hundred rubber/resin) provides an optimal balance of safe processing, cure rate, and physical properties. Useful in B-type polymers, a polyfunctional amine-based curative.
25 Gal Lock Ring Fiber Drum, 25 Kg. Net.
Keep the container tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place, store at ambient temperature. Shelf-life: 2 years.
Reference: Cymer SDS GP-214