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Off-white to white powder

Moisture (KF)

0.7% max.

Melting Point/Range

220- 230 °C

Fineness, 100 mesh

< 100 mesh

Cycure 4 - 4,4' Methylene bis phenyldimethyl urea

Certifications & Registrations

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4,4’ Methylene Bis-(PhenylDimethyl Urea(lsomer Grade)

Cycure 4 - 4,4' Methylene bis phenyldimethyl urea

Cycure-4 Product Properties




340.43 g/mol

220- 230 °C

 Solid (powder)

Off-white to white powder

Amine Like

Adhesives, epoxy resin, epoxy hardener, powder coatings, prepregs, encapsulation, reinforcements


4,4′-Methylene bis phenyldimethyl urea

Urea, N,N”-(methylenedi-4,1-phenylene)bis[N’,N’-dimethyl-


NSC 202633

Urea, N,N”-(methylenedi-4,1-phenylene)bis(N’,N’-dimethyl-






Methylenebis (phenyl dimethyl urea)


Methylene diphenyl bis (dimethyl urea)




N,N”-(methylenedi-4,1-phenylene)bis[N’,N’-dimethyl urea]

Omicure -U-52M

U – 415M

Evonik – Omicure U502 U-52M



thermostat resins Cycure-4. Omicure -U-52M U - 415M Evonik - Omicure U502 U-52M- 4,4'-METHYLENE BIS PHENYLDIMETHYL UREA Sigma-Aldrich - CAS 10097-09-3
Omicure 52 Omicure -U-52M
Omicure 52 Omicure -U-52M

Cycure-4, also known as 4,4′-Methylene bis phenyldimethyl urea, is a chemical compound with various applications. It is primarily used in adhesives, powder coatings, prepregs, encapsulation, and reinforcements. This compound helps in the curing process of these materials, leading to improved performance and durability.

The specific applications of Cycure-4 include:

1. Thermoset Resins: Cycure-4 is commonly used as an accelerator in producing thermoset resins, such as epoxy resins and polyurethanes. It promotes the cross-linking reaction between the resin and hardener, forming a strong and durable polymer network.

2. Coatings: Cycure-4 is also utilized to formulate coatings, including automotive, industrial, and protective coatings. It enhances the curing process of the coating, leading to improved adhesion, hardness, and chemical resistance.

3. Adhesives: The compound finds applications in the adhesive industry, acting as a curing agent for various types of adhesives. It helps form strong bonds between substrates by facilitating the cross-linking of adhesive molecules.

Please consult the SDS

Please consult the SDS

Please note that the information provided is based on general knowledge about the applications of Cycure-4.

Please consult the TDS and SDS documentation or relevant technical resources for specific applications and usage guidelines. Omicure -U-52M U – 415M Evonik – Omicure U502 U-52M- 4,4′-METHYLENE BIS PHENYLDIMETHYL UREA Sigma-Aldrich – CAS 10097-09-3