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Ammonium Salicylate TDS

Ammonium Salicylate SDS

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Ammonium Salicylate

Ammonium Salicylate Product Properties




151.16 g/mol

140 – 145 °C (378 – 388 °F)

White Powder OR Colorless Crystalline

Topical analgesic, Paharm, Cosmetics

2-Hydroxybenzoic acid monoammonium salt
azane;2-hydroxybenzoic acid
amine salicylate

It is used as a topical analgesic and antipyretic, and also has anti-inflammatory properties. It relieves pain by decreasing the production of prostaglandins in the brain. The drug also reduces fever by inhibiting prostaglandin synthesis in the hypothalamus.

Can emit toxic vapors of NH3 when heated to decomposition. It is also moderately toxic by parenteral route and can cause nausea or vomiting when ingested by humans. It can be toxic if ingested or administered intravenously, In case of accidental exposure or ingestion, seek medical attention immediately. Therefore, handling Ammonium Salicylate chemicals with caution and following proper safety procedures when using them is important.

It is best to consult the Cymer Chemicals Safety Data Sheet (SDS).