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We have an array of 30 Glass and 316L SS reactors ranging in size from 50 to 3000 Gallons in conjunction with significant liquid bulk storage capacity and warehousing space, making Cymer Chemicals an ideal partner for small to large blending and formulation projects.

Specific clients may have particular requirements for blending services. We provide blending services in coatings, adhesives, cleaners, lubricants, and more. Formulation, blending, and compounding services cover organic additives and the processing, development, and/or packaging of bulk materials such as plastics, elastomers, adhesives, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and lubricants. We deliver value along with process efficiency and competitive pricing.

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Chemical blending and formulation services offered by Cymer Chemicals involve various tasks. These include blending/mixing, compounding, formulation, process optimization, warehousing/distribution, training/consulting, trial facility leasing, analytical testing/inspection, research and development, reformulation, and remanufacturing.

These services are specialized and can be used to create finished consumer products. The materials used in these processes can range from amine oxide and calcium formate to citric acid and denatured alcohol to enzymes and hydrogen peroxide and sulfuric acid.

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Our Research and Development Laboratory is available for contract process development work. Our manufacturing capabilities can assist you in scale-up and pilot programs, enabling you to bring your innovative ideas to life.

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Chemical blending and formulation services offered by Cymer Chemicals


Our chemical analytical laboratory services classify, assay, and analyze chemical samples by separating, identifying, quantifying, and analyzing samples’ physical properties or chemical composition. Analytical chemistry requires Cymer Chemicals to use specialized instruments and methods to perform these analyses. Cymer Chemicals has continuously evolved in close association with the development of other branches of the physical sciences since their beginnings.

Chemical Analytical Laboratory Services are essential for the chemical manufacturing industry as they provide accurate and reliable data that ensures safety, quality, and project success. These services are used for research and development and for our ongoing needs for existing products and may include gas chromatography, high-pressure liquid chromatography, UV-VIS spectroscopy, thermal analysis, particle size analysis, stability studies, etc.



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