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Chemical Processing Services by Cymer Chemicals

Innovation Grounded In Experience

At Cymer Chemicals, we specialize in the multi-step synthesis of exceptionally valuable and complex compounds, providing both purely synthetic and semi-synthetic processes tailored to your specific needs.


Our service is grounded in innovation, reliability, thoroughness, and extensive experience in the chemical industry. Our chemical processing services encompass a broad spectrum of capabilities, including but not limited to:


Chemical Process Development

We partner with our clients to achieve success through innovative procedures that highlight key aspects of process development, such as reactions, distillation, filtration, drying, solid separation, blending, and chemical synthesis.


Scale-up and Pilot Programs

Our scale-up pilots are meticulously designed to reduce side reactions and maximize yield. We ensure a smooth transition from laboratory scale to commercial production, maintaining the integrity and quality of the product throughout the process.


Chemical Blending and Formulation

Our team of experts is adept at developing unique chemical blends and formulations that meet your specific requirements.


Organic Synthesis

Leveraging our deep expertise in organic chemistry, we provide high-quality organic synthesis services to produce a wide range of organic compounds.


Analytical Laboratory Services

We offer comprehensive analytical services to ensure the quality and integrity of our products. Our state-of-the-art laboratory has advanced instruments and technologies for accurate and reliable analyses.


Whether your needs call for a purely synthetic process or a semi-synthetic process, Cymer Chemicals has the reliability, thoroughness, and experience to work with you on your chemical project.



Our experience gives us insight into the operability, sustainability and affordability of a chemical process while our diverse workforce creatively applies proven skills to pilot and commercial scale programs.

For chemical reactors, as the core of a process, there is no “golden” rule and no straightforward procedure to achieve new product or process objectives.

Cymer Chemicals tests the technologies that will be used on an industrial scale, which may deviate from ones employed in the laboratory, to point out those phenomena not present on the laboratory scale.



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