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Rheamid 100 X-65 TDS

Rheamid 100 X-65 SDS

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Amine Value

54 – 63 mg KOH/g

Viscosity at 40°C (Brookfield)

1,800 – 3,000 cps

Gardner Color

9 max

Certifications & Registrations

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Rheamid 100 X-65

Rheamid 100 X-65 Product Properties

Rheamid 100 X-65 is a xylene solution of a semi-solid, reactive polyamide resin designed for use
with solid or liquid epoxy resins for room temperature cure thermoset coating applications.



Ammonium benzoate
Sac (Saccharin [Free Acid]) resin for coatings
Ammonium benzoate flash rust inhibitor for ferrous substrates. Ammonium benzoate powder

Rheamid 100 X-65 is a semi-solid, reactive polyamide resin designed for use with solid or liquid
epoxy resins for room temperature cure thermoset coating applications. Rheamid 100 X-65 and epoxy resin systems provide long pot lives and fast tack-free formulations. Formulations based on this resin system cure less quickly than Versamid® 115 systems and exhibit somewhat lower chemical and solvent resistance than Versamid® 125 coating systems.

Rheamid 100 X-65 and epoxy resin systems are recommended for applications such as:
Maintenance coating applications
Enamel paint formulations

Mix ratio with 525 EEW solid epoxy is 154 phr. Due to chemical reaction, Rheamid 100 X-65 and epoxy
resins should not be mixed until just prior to use.Typical Chemical Resistance Properties (24 hour
spot test)

The usual safety precautions when handling chemicals must be observed. These include the measures
described in Federal, State, and Local health and safety regulations, thorough ventilation of the
workplace, good skin care, and wearing of protective goggles.

All safety information is provided in the Safety Data Sheet for Rheamid 100 X-65.

Rheamid 100 X-65 may absorb moisture and carbon dioxide if left in open containers, which may result in an
increased viscosity and some foaming when curing epoxy resins. Therefore, it should be kept in tightly
closed containers when not in use and stored in a cool, dry place. Properly stored and protected, an
unopened container of Rheamid 100 X-65 should have a shelf life of two years.

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