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SR3603-30 - TDS

SR3603-30 - SDS

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Viscous Red/Brown Liquid


500- 800 mPas @ 23°C


27 – 29%


~1.1 g/mL @ 23°C

Certifications & Registrations

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Reach certification status

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REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals) compliance is for the manufacturers and importers of chemicals in the EU. Ask us if this chemical complies with regulations and is registered with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), which aims to ensure a high level of protection of human health and the environment against harmful substances.

SR3603-30 is an aromatic polyamide-imide solution which can be utilized for producing coatings where excellent chemical and thermal resistance is required.

Coatings produced from SR3603-30 provide:
  • Excellent thermal stability (polymer will typically withstand temperature excursions of >250ºC)
  • High level of chemical resistance
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • FDA compliance

Aerospace, Electronics

DABPA - GP-206 TG - large industrial equipment

SR3603-30 is typically used in the following applications:

  • Temperature resistant coatings
  • Binder for high temperature resistant fiber reinforced plastics
  • Bonding agent for high temperature applications up to 240°C
  • FDA compliant coatings

The excellent chemical resistance of these polymers leads to applications in container coatings, “non-stick” cookware, electronics, and other areas. Coatings can be produced from SR3603-30 that meet requirements of FDA regulations 177.2450 and can therefore be used in the manufacture of cookware coatings.

The solvent in this material is N-methyl pyrrolidone and xylene; further thinning if required should be carried out with N-methyl pyrrolidone. This solvent can also be used for cleaning of equipment as necessary.

SR3603-30 is supplied as a solution; care must be taken to enable the solvent to be removed slowly to avoid blistering of the film. During curing, the temperature of the object should be increased slowly up to the final cure temperature to
avoid blistering of the coating due to final release of solvent. Final cure temperature of >220°C is required.

The solvent system for SR3603-30 is hygroscopic, i.e., will slowly absorb moisture from the atmosphere. 1-2% water content should not affect performance, but higher levels will lead to thickening of the product and difficulty in obtaining an acceptable impregnation. For this reason the applicator tank should be closed.

It is advised not to mix used material with unused product for storage, although topping-off the process tank with fresh material is acceptable.

In the original sealed container these products have a shelf life of 18 months when stored below 35°C. Solution viscosity will increase over time.

The rate of increase depends upon solvent, % solids and storage conditions. The increase in viscosity does not affect polymer performance. The viscosity can be adjusted with additional solvent and the material can be used with no performance loss.

Information on the safe handling of this material is available on the relevant Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Further information is available on request.

Specific local inquiries should be directed to Cymer-Dayton, LLC. To the best of our knowledge this product meets the
definition of a polymer under REACH, and its components are preregistered as substances. The material, or components, is either on the TSCA inventory list or is exempt from the requirement to be listed.

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